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Nº 47 september 2017
ISSN: 2339-7454
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Fields of educational psychology and counselling 



Núria Farrés Martí
Eduard Sandalinas Cruz


Nowadays it is often found kids diagnosed as mild ASD in school. Students with a disharmonic profile due to their cognitive skills, sometimes higher than their classmates and their rare, disadapted or disruptive attitudes in social situations.

This paper tries to collect the suffering of some students we risk forgetting that operate under severe mental disorders such as ASD, because it is not so visible as those students with structural autism, often associated with mental retardation and without language.

It is important not to confuse behavioral manifestations with a clinical disorder instead, such oppositional defiant disorder.

Another risk is to forget this children because they rarely reclaim attention at school, becoming invisible and so do not bring problems, but so often placed in other anxiety areas such as the return home after the school day. Loney children that when arrives adolescence can be target of jokes that may go unnoticed with great danger of severe decompensation.

The aim of this article is to make visible the suffering of this students, to remember and take conscience that this group of students, despite their abilities, perceive the world with the difficulties of autism.

Key Words:
Mild ASD, Asperger syndrome, emotions, adolescence, special educational needs