THE COLLABORATIVE CONVERSATION: listening, story and observation in the counseling process

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Nº 47 september 2017
ISSN: 2339-7454
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Fields of educational psychology and counselling 

Reporter: Enric Bolea
Coauthors: Amorós, Josep; Cuevas, Chelo; Herrera, Milagros;
Puigardeu, Oscar; Rubio, Empar


The communicative actions of the advisors are considered relevant when they undertake their functions in schools. The discursive resources are a constitutive tool of the work of these professionals in the advising process. In this article, and following the experience of some professionals from the CRETDIC, we try to broaden the concept of communicative resources by analysing the role of conversation. We will show that the experience of a collaborative conversation is linked to the listening, the storytelling and the observation practices unfolded by the different professionals. We will finally reach the so-called collaboration device, an interprofessional cooperative structure that has the capacity to organise the practical uses the professionals can get from the conversation, the storytelling and the observation within a psych pedagogical advising context. Dealing with all these aspects has enabled us to consider the role the advising can play in everyday more complex school contexts.

Key words:
Conversation, listening, observation, story, psychopedagogical advice, educational support, inclusive education.